50 Years in Refinsh

The launch of this website celebrates 50 years in the automotive refinish industry of Refinish.co.nz CEO, Dick Tout. 

Back in 1963 Dick started his apprenticeship as a Coach and Motorbody Builder.  The long, five year apprenticeship provided him with the technical knowledge, hands-on skills and attention to detail essential for car painting professionals.  Since completing his apprenticeship, Dick has worked in New Zealand and overseas in automotive refinishing - with a small break of a few years when he embarked on his successful international athletic career as an ultramarathon runner, achieving seven world records.

Training, knowledge and the right tools are essential ingredients, whether it is winning world records or achieving the finest paint jobs.  Dick says, "I believe that all painting professionals should have access to the best brand products.  Why settle for anything less?  Quality costs no more.  Top branded products are guaranteed and bring out the best in a professional's work.  With Refinish, we offer only premium products to deliver a winning performance, everytime.  And our prices are very, very good, too."

 Refinish CEO Richard Tout

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